Gear Reviews

Redo your caboose!

Have ever looked at the tailgate of your Toyota Land Cruiser 100 or 200 and regretted all that wasted space inside it? Wouldn’t it be great if that space was usable? It is hollow, after all, so just imagine what you could store in there!

Boom box of power!

Loadshedding was the last thing I thought I would ever mention in an article on any of our platforms, but it has become a reality for us in South Africa. From an overlanding perspective, though, the many products developed as a countermeasure to loadshedding have brought ample new options to ensure power while out in the bundu.

It’s not inside, it’s on top!

A roof rack is an expensive purchase, and has a myriad uses in addition to carrying all sorts of items, among them acting as a mounting frame for awnings and shower cubicles. Anton Willemse Jnr popped in at Tentco to chat about how to get the most out of your roof rack.

Trailer Tents: best of both worlds

What sleeping arrangements are the best fit for you and your family’s travel and camping needs? Trailer tents might just be the sweet spot between a costlier off-road caravan and the limited space of a rooftop tent.

The cream of the bow tent crop

Your tent is an essential piece of equipment when camping. It’s your home away from home. Your sanctuary and your shelter from the elements. Choosing the correct one is then really important. We here at Adventure Afrika have sampled all of the dome tents in the Tentco line-up, and Anton Willemse Jnr has finally arrived at the pinnacle of the Tentco dome tent line-up: the Junior Safari Deluxe Bow and the Senior Safari Deluxe Bow

Like a hot knife through butter

With the strides made in the development of Lithium batteries, just about everything is going cordless and battery powered nowadays. This means that the choices

All in passion and perfection

When Richard Kiggen bought his stock standard 2014 Isuzu KB300 4×4, he had dreams of converting it into the “penthouse” of overlanding vehicles. Much to his frustration, he could not find the quality craftmanship and gear to transform the “basic duckling” into the incredibly wellequipped black beauty it is today. So, he got his hands dirty and used his own skills and knowledge to build his dream vehicle – and through this his business, All In 4×4, was born.

Gear & Gadgets Christmas gifts

It’s the season to be jolly and the perfect time to spoil the adventurer in your life with something special… Herewith our team’s top picks for Christmas 2022.

Suitable options for everyone!

Camping trailers are a dime a dozen these days and it can be very difficult to distinguish between the various models that are available. The products from Outdoor Campers are at the forefront of the market, and with good reason. Anton Willemse Snr got up close and personal with the Metalian range.