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Packing picks

Much like the water in the Kalahari desert, there never seems to be enough packing space when preparing for your adventures. Anton Willemse popped into

New performance division from Zone Off-Road

There’s an old saying that goes: Jeeps aren’t bought, they’re built. Although that may sound like a bumper sticker, in many ways the statement defines what we do: we build custom Jeeps.

It’s an off-road balancing act

Last month, we talked about how a number of all-terrains are masquerading as off-road tyres, when in fact their carcass construction is no different to

Ensure limited puncture pressure

The subject of tyre deflation is surprisingly contentious; folks seldom agree on figures, and in some cases I’ve even heard 4×4 training academies arguing that

All is not equal in all-terrains

The term ‘‘all-terrain,’’ or AT, is commonly used by tyre manufacturers to describe their off-road products. Unfortunately, this well-known phrase tells only half the story

Test all limits in the Nissan Navara
The Nissan Navara. Bold Exterior coupled with interior comfort and intelligent 4x4