bush babes

Not tonight Josephine

Another Bush Babes first. An adventure where women get to live their childhood dreams of working with animals and experiencing what it would be like to become a wildlife veterinarian. This is the vision that Leilani Basson, founder and owner of Bush Babes Conservation and Adventures had when she created this first-of-its-kind adventure for civilians. And of course, it just had to include a helicopter to make things real. The first-ever Game Vet Adventure was held in 2017. Fast forward to 2022 and it has become one of Bush Babes’ signature and most popular adventures

Buffaloes & bitches

Leilani Basson imagines things. She dreams things in pictures or as movies. She has vivid visions of the adventures, projects, and concepts she wants to create and turn into reality. With the epiphany she’d had a few years ago of a ladies-only adventure where the Bush Babes would be working with buffaloes, she could even hear the theme song of the post-adventure videos on social media… tu-tu-tu-du-tu-du-tu…Buffalo Soldier…