Power to the people

Portable power stations have become all the rage, not only at home but also for those who enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. These versatile devices are perfect for off-grid adventures, keeping multiple devices powered on and able to recharge in record time. Anton Willemse Snr delves deeper into the subject and examines the options available.

Boom box of power!

Loadshedding was the last thing I thought I would ever mention in an article on any of our platforms, but it has become a reality for us in South Africa. From an overlanding perspective, though, the many products developed as a countermeasure to loadshedding have brought ample new options to ensure power while out in the bundu.

It’s a pan party

When Anton Willemse Snr heard about the OppiPanne music festival in Botswana he was intrigued. What was it? How would it work? Would it be a success? With more questions than answers, he decided to head across the border to find out for himself. What an extraordinary experience it turned out to be!