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Mount anything, anywhere

We have featured RAM Mounts in this section before, giving a basic overview of this company’s rugged and versatile mounting solutions. They claim to have a mount able to secure almost any of your electronic devices anywhere, safe in the knowledge they will be secure no matter where your adventure takes you.

Everything the light touches

If you’ve recently started camping, one of the first items on your shopping list was most likely lighting. Similar to the warning from Mufasa to young Simba in The Lion King, one needs to remain near a light source – especially when wild camping in the bush. The absence of light can sometimes be both dangerous and annoying. Anton Willemse Jnr takes a look at a few of the leading lighting solutions on the market.

Get blown away-Dewalt work fan

While we love camping, the reality is that during the sweltering summer months in South Africa it can become rather uncomfortable due to the extreme heat, especially if you are in a canvas tent. Going to bed when the mercury is still sitting well above 20°C is not great, and if you’re camping off the grid as we do, there is more than likely no electricity to run a fan. So, sleeping in a hot tent, with mosquitos buzzing around during the summer months, is something we try to avoid as it is certainly not our idea of fun. Well, it wasn’t…

Ready, steady… cook!

One major challenge of overlanding is finding space for your cooking equipment however there is a solution to this common issue SmartSpace.

Gear and gadgets

Let there be light The all-new Australian made HTX2 from Lightforce gives you the ultimate fusion of HID and LED technology, providing an instant flood of