kia carnival

Vans make a comeback

For as long as I can remember, the Volksiebussie was pretty much the only option when it came to minivans for family use in South Africa. It ticked all the right boxes and was as common on the roads within the Kruger as impalas. However, in recent years, this bus has been joined by a plethora of new options, all way more luxurious than the kombi made famous by David Kramer and his rooi velskoene. Mary Willemse drove a few recently and shares her thoughts.

Doing the Kruger in style

Last month we took a hike through the Kruger, exploring this beautiful national treasure on foot. This month, we take a different approach, exploring the

A big life with Kia’s new Carnival

Kia recently brought back the Carnival name to replace the outgoing Grand Sedona and its all set to stake its claim in the unoccupied space between SUVs and utilitarian people-movers.