TRAVEL GUIDE | Etosha National Park

Exploring the untamed beauty One of Africa’s biggest reserves, Etosha National Park treats visitor to a wide array of wildlife and boasts a massive salt

CAMPING SPOTS-Namibia Part 1

NOLENE KOTZE explores some of Namibia’s most captivating campsites, where you can find solace under starlit skies, encounter fascinating wildlife, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Feed your soul

For our regular contributor, HENRY JONKER and his two sons, LIAN and JEAN, a visit to Torra Bay – which is only open to the public for two months of the year – was a bucket list destination. This fisherman’s paradise certainly did not disappoint, and neither did their farm visit to Nungubais!

Desolate, yet beautiful

As one of Namibia’s most spectacular and iconic spots, Sossusvlei is not to be missed on your Namibian travels. But what makes this place, located in the southern part of the Namib Desert in the Namib-Naukluft National Park, so special? Nolene Kotze explores.

Give me land, lots of land…

The cowboy turned country singer from yesteryear, Roy Rodgers, unwittingly described Namibia perfectly: “Give me land, lots of land with starry skies above, but don’t fence me in”. Bernie Williams was recently lured back to this charming African country.

Ford Ranger Raptor – We have lift-off!

It’s been a long wait, but the highly anticipated next-generation Ford Ranger Raptor has finally made its debut in South Africa. Featuring smarter technology, tougher hardware, mechanical and technical precision, and plenty of raw power, this just might be the ultimate off-road bakkie for true performance enthusiasts.

A mission completed: Dorsland Trekkers part 2

Jan-Harm du Plessis and his family set off on an epic trip to retrace the steps of the Dorsland Trekkers of the 1800s through Namibia. More than a month later their mission was complete, and they arrived at their end-destination in Pretoria.

Stepping back in time : Dorsland Trekkers part 1

As a direct descendant of the Dorsland Trekkers of the 1800s, Jan-Harm du Plessis had a strong urge to retrace the route his forefathers had taken through Namibia as they headed north from South Africa to Angola. The result was an epic trip that took the family from one glorious destination to another as they explored, experienced and made memories that will last a lifetime…

A true Adventures’ playground

Online platforms and groups has described Khaudum National park as a place not for the faint of heart, but Nolene Kotze had to see what the fuss is about.