Rowwe Blixem

Ain’t no Mountain high enough…

Back in the 1940s, during World War II, General Patton declared that the USA’s single biggest contribution to the war effort was the introduction of the Willys Overland. Many still regard it as the first-ever off-roader, able to get you wherever you want to go… come hell or high water. That is precisely the mission of the DVR Xtreme 4×4 Rowwe Blixem off-road trip. The goal is simply to find an obscure destination and follow the most challenging route to get there. Anton Willemse Jnr went along for the rather rough ride.

Twist and shout!

Have you ever heard of the Monkey Puzzle, Ghoena Twister, Eliminator, the Impossible Crossing or Balarometer Hill? If these names sound familiar, you are probably one of the select 4×4 drivers who have been with Dirk van Reenen on one of his Rowwe Blixem 4×4 challenges. If not, and you are adventurous enough, Nico Denner thinks you should make a DVR Xtreme 4×4 route part of your bucket list.