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A mission completed: Dorsland Trekkers part 2

Jan-Harm du Plessis and his family set off on an epic trip to retrace the steps of the Dorsland Trekkers of the 1800s through Namibia. More than a month later their mission was complete, and they arrived at their end-destination in Pretoria.

Support for the struggling secretarybird

Often described as a peculiar looking bird, with the body of an eagle and the legs of crane, the Secretarybird is a treat to spot – especially if you’re fortunate enough to witness their elaborate mating ritual. However, writes BirdLife South Africa’s Raptor and Large Terrestrial Bird Project Manager, Dr Christiaan Willem Brink, these birds are increasingly under threat and already labelled Endangered.

It’s a Landy Thing

ules Mornau recently undertook her first-ever Bush Run with fellow Land Rover enthusiasts and loved every minute of it.