Southern Africa

A “Mata” of taste

A few years ago, South African traveller, photographer and foodie, Maricha van Heerden and her husband Butch, traded their old life for adventure, and now they spend their time exploring and experiencing all this continent has to offer with their customised camper, The Honey Badger.

A mission completed: Dorsland Trekkers part 2

Jan-Harm du Plessis and his family set off on an epic trip to retrace the steps of the Dorsland Trekkers of the 1800s through Namibia. More than a month later their mission was complete, and they arrived at their end-destination in Pretoria.

The Stiletto Snake

Johan Marais from the African Snakebite Institute, share some important information on one of the top four snakes when it comes to snakebites, the Bibron’s Stiletto.

Test all limits in the Nissan Navara