Suzuki Jimny

Five-door Suzuki Jimny debuts in India

It’s showtime in India and the big star is the five-door Suzuki Jimny, which has officially been revealed. Word is that it will be launched in South Africa in the second half of 2023.

Jimny gone wild

Intrepid road trippers, Calvin & Kelly Fisher, head to Botswana where they experienced teh best of our neighbouring country from behind the wheel of a Suzuki Jimny.

Northen Cape nostalgia

Four days, 1 323 kilometres, six Jimnys and a thousand memories… Anton and Mary Willemse join Suzuki South Africa for an epic trek through the Northern Cape.

Battle of the shorties

What happens when a Jeep Wrangler Sahara two-door and Suzuki Jimny duke it out at an offroad playground? The results are not exactly as you

Oh Captain! My Captain!

Oh, Captain! My Captain! Our fearful trip is done! The ship has weather’d every rack. The prize we sought is won. – Walt Whitman This

Tiny Samurai : Suzuki Jimny

The stunning tough-as-nails little 4×4 is suitable for any young (or older) person and undoubtedly impressed me during my time with it. It is packed