Next week sees the official launch of the new Jimny 5-door and we are very excited to test it again!

Born for this!

They are often called the underdogs at trail line-up, but from the tales of our followers the Suzuki Jimny is truly #BornForThis and can keep up with any of the hardebaarde, often reaching spots the big guns can’t! In the run-up to what promises the must-be-seen-at event on the 2023 automotive calendar – the largest Suzuki Jimny gathering in the southern hemisphere (and possibly the world!) during the upcoming Heritage Day weekend – we took a look back at some of our favourite Jimnys making it into the pages of Adventure Afrika.

The last Samurai

Suzuki Jimny has gained a cult following in recent years. It’s known as a pocket-sized off-roader with capability similar to that of the hardebaarde on the 4×4 trails and overlanding adventures. The genesis of the Jimny is the humble Samurai – the so-called OG (original). As with most classics, LIAM O’CONNELL prefers the original over the remix. He pays homage to his four-wheel partner.

Ain’t she Grand! Grand Vitara Launch review

LIANA REINERS had a friend whose father used to say that Grand Central Airport is neither grand nor central. The truth is that things or places are often described as grand when they really aren’t. Although the central part doesn’t really apply to Suzuki’s latest new offering, it most certainly is quite grand. She drove it during the recent local media launch.

Suzuki Vitara Brezza Review:

Suzuki is making great strides on the sales charts, its continued success boosted by a great model line-up that includes the extremely popular Vitara Brezza.

Jimny gone wild

Intrepid road trippers, Calvin & Kelly Fisher, head to Botswana where they experienced teh best of our neighbouring country from behind the wheel of a Suzuki Jimny.