Rising from the ruins

For many years, Zimbabwe’s reputation as a travel destination was tainted by the spectre of political unrest. However, the country is more stable now than it has been for decades, and slowly, tourism is returning. Most of Zimbabwe’s top attractions are found outside the main cities and are therefore considered relatively safe. As ANDRÉ VAN VUUREN discovers, those that decide to visit can expect breath-taking landscapes, exotic wildlife and ancient sites that offer a fascinating insight into the continent’s history. Best of all, Zimbabwe’s world-class game reserves and UNESCO World Heritage Sites remain incredibly uncrowded — giving you the truly thrilling sense of having stepped off the map.

From turf to surf and back

It’s an age-old conundrum… bush or beach? Do you want to spend your time game viewing and camping under the glorious African sky, or do you prefer feeling the sand between your toes as the waves of the ocean lap at the shore and the sun caresses your face? But why choose if you can do both, as RICHARD CAMPHER discovers.