Wild camping

Head in the clouds

With the excitement and anticipation of a child finally getting to the front of the queue to receive his ice cream cone on a hot sunny day, so too was Dave Koster. He was about to receive his ice cream cone in the form of his first Land Rover Bush Run.

Hidden gems and broken bridges

Zambia is the new tourism frontier in southern Africa. With Botswana, Namibia and our other neighboring counties done and dusted by most adventurous explorers, many are looking to Zambia for their next overland adventure. George van Deventer and Marlene Hurter, of Trans Africa Self Drive Adventures &Tours, did just that.

Stepping back in time : Dorsland Trekkers part 1

As a direct descendant of the Dorsland Trekkers of the 1800s, Jan-Harm du Plessis had a strong urge to retrace the route his forefathers had taken through Namibia as they headed north from South Africa to Angola. The result was an epic trip that took the family from one glorious destination to another as they explored, experienced and made memories that will last a lifetime…

Mystical Mabua

For George van Deventer of Trans Africa Safari Self Drive Adventures and Tours, Mabuasehube is a magical place filled with memories.