Cruising along

The Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series is well known for its overlanding prowess. What it’s not known for is its abundance of tech. In fact, in standard form, it’s rather basic. One key feature that is conspicuously absent is cruise control.

Big Country 4×4 has come to the rescue with its AutoCruiser system, which is very user-friendly and easy to use. It is compatible with all Land Cruiser models except those with the 4.2-litre 1-HZ straight-six engine. The system is a breeze to operate. You simply start up your Land Cruiser, accelerate, stabilise the vehicle at the required speed, and press ‘Set’ on the control stick. Disengaging it is as easy as switching it off, setting it to ‘Coast’, or by engaging the brake and clutch. To return to the set speed you select the ‘Coast’ function.

The minimum speed for the system is 45km/h, which is perfect for cruising on long gravel roads or within our national parks.

*Available from Big Country 4×4 at R10 615:

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