A monster V6 for the next-gen Hilux?

Reports from Down Under would have us believe the next-generation Toyota Hilux (by all accounts due for introduction in 2024) will sport a burly 690Nm diesel V6 motor. Earlier this week we reported that this monster machine would debut in the Land Cruiser 300, set to be introduced around August this...

More power for Toyota Land Cruiser 300

Reports coming in from the land down-under contain details regarding the new Toyota Land Cruiser. These reports follow on from Japanese reports and now we too have the details that could settle all of your doubts regarding the new LC300. The leaks pertain to the engine performance of the newcomer....

Good things in small packages: The Jimny in its element.

Well-known 4x4 guru and adventurer, Johan Kriek, sees the Suzuki Jimny as the best 4x4 buddy one could ask for – it’s always ready for some fun, it won’t let you down when the going gets tough off-road and it’s the perfect companion for tedious daily activities such as driving to and from work. He...

Is the only good snake a dead snake?

Most people have an innate fear of snakes, believing the only good snake is a dead snake. These ophidiophobes (people with a fear of snakes) are under the impression that no snake is beneficial and, as a result, instinctively fear every snake they see. In actuality, most snakes are docile, non-aggressive...

Ford expands on Everest offering with new Sport model

Just like the battle between the Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger so too do the Fortuner and Everest compete. Ford recently updated the Everest offering and now they have added a new model to the line-up. It’s called the Sport and it is the best looking one in our opinion. Here are all the details.


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Get eco-friendly when camping

Camping has become increasingly popular in South Africa, especially as people want to escape that locked-in feeling and frustrations the nationwide lockdown entails. The lockdown

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A new adventure awaits

No continent on the face of the earth provides more ideal settings for an unforgettable adventure than the African continent. Stories of Africa’s sheer size, diversity and timeless beauty have been told for hundreds of years by the people that live on its rich red soil. Africa is home to the explorer, the adventurer, the thrill-seeker and even those who just want to escape from the chaotic world. Now imagine a magazine that offered a window into Africa, an escape.

Enter Adventure Afrika: a new, exciting and diverse magazine title which will be printed alongside an Afrikaans offering – Avontuur Afrika.  Aimed at outdoor and adventure enthusiasts, Adventure-Avontuur Afrika will bring your dream trips to life with engaging content, packaged within multiple platforms to accommodate and cater to our audience preference. The core content pillars being entertainment, education and awareness; the content promises to push boundaries and showcase a world of adventure to print and digital audiences alike.

M&A Productions is a multi-faceted company started by husband-and-wife team Anton and Mary Willemse who both boasts years of experience within the motoring, off-road, public relations, marketing and sales industries. They have secured a multi-talented editorial team in Justin Jacobs who will fill the role as Head of Content for both print and digital platforms; while Anton in his capacity as publisher will be instrumental in developing some boundary-pushing adventures to delight and engage its audience. Justin has been a prominent member of the motoring media fraternity in South Africa for over a decade; having worked for various websites, newspapers and other print titles; with Anton being at the forefront of all things 4×4 from accessories to trails to equipment. As former editorial director of the award-winning Toyota Zone magazine, Mary will focus on the business side of things; making sure production and content mix remains top-notch.

Adventure-Avontuur Afrika and its affiliated platforms aim to take you on an adventure through the rivers, over the mountains and across the great plains of Africa. It is a portal that will educate and inform you about where to go, how to get there and what you will need along the way.

Every adventure starts with a just single footstep, this is your invitation to join us on ours.


*If the latter is selected, a consultant will contact you to finalise the sale.