2021 Subaru Forester details

Widely regarded as the world’s first cross over SUV and it filled all the brackets a cross over should which the fact that it was a sporty utilitarian family vehicle. The new 2021 version of this fantastic vehicle promises to respect and improve that 23-year-old legacy.

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All-new Kia Sorento unveiled

The KIA Sorento is a favourite of ours because it offers decent space, an impressive diesel engine and all-wheel drive. These features make the Sorento a versatile and appealing option within the segment. Now thought there is a new model, which by the looks of it is going to set new standards within...

Jeep Grand Cherokee L 2021

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has since its initial launch in 1992 been regarded as one of the quintessential off-roaders. A pioneer in the then fairly unknown medium-sized SUV market segment, it represented itself as a new option for buyers wanting more space and off-road ability. The first-gen Grand Cherokee,...

Lions, lions everywhere… But not a drop to drink!

As adventure tour operators, we have been guiding trips into the Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR) and Mabuasehube Game Reserve for over a decade, witnessing the absolute best these two gems in Africa have to offer. But why enjoy these separately? Hence, we put together the Ultimate...

Most powerful Amarok makes its way to SA

The Amarok range which was launched in South Africa in 2010, has sold over 37 000 units (single and double cab). The introduction of the Amarok Double Cab bakkie with 190kW of power is a celebration of 10 years of Amarok in South Africa.  

The Amarok model range now consists of the...

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Right for your ride

So, you’ve bought your dream 4×4, done the initial service, followed all the rules, and now you want to fit a few choice aftermarket accessories.

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A new adventure awaits

No continent on the face of the earth provides more ideal settings for an unforgettable adventure than the African continent. Stories of Africa’s sheer size, diversity and timeless beauty have been told for hundreds of years by the people that live on its rich red soil. Africa is home to the explorer, the adventurer, the thrill-seeker and even those who just want to escape from the chaotic world. Now imagine a magazine that offered a window into Africa, an escape.

Enter Adventure Afrika: a new, exciting and diverse magazine title which will be printed alongside an Afrikaans offering – Avontuur Afrika.  Aimed at outdoor and adventure enthusiasts, Adventure-Avontuur Afrika will bring your dream trips to life with engaging content, packaged within multiple platforms to accommodate and cater to our audience preference. The core content pillars being entertainment, education and awareness; the content promises to push boundaries and showcase a world of adventure to print and digital audiences alike.

M&A Productions is a multi-faceted company started by husband-and-wife team Anton and Mary Willemse who both boasts years of experience within the motoring, off-road, public relations, marketing and sales industries. They have secured a multi-talented editorial team in Justin Jacobs who will fill the role as Head of Content for both print and digital platforms; while Anton in his capacity as publisher will be instrumental in developing some boundary-pushing adventures to delight and engage its audience. Justin has been a prominent member of the motoring media fraternity in South Africa for over a decade; having worked for various websites, newspapers and other print titles; with Anton being at the forefront of all things 4×4 from accessories to trails to equipment. As former editorial director of the award-winning Toyota Zone magazine, Mary will focus on the business side of things; making sure production and content mix remains top-notch.

Adventure-Avontuur Afrika and its affiliated platforms aim to take you on an adventure through the rivers, over the mountains and across the great plains of Africa. It is a portal that will educate and inform you about where to go, how to get there and what you will need along the way.

Every adventure starts with a just single footstep, this is your invitation to join us on ours.


*If the latter is selected, a consultant will contact you to finalise the sale.