Fighting for their lives

As scavengers, vultures are synonymous with death, and seldom receive the same level of respect as other birds of prey. Indeed, being branded a “vulture” is the lowest form of insult, used to describe anyone gaining from someone else’s misfortune. This is unfortunate, as the misunderstood and much-maligned vulture is arguably the most important bird of prey of them all. Linda van den Heever, Vulture Project Manager at BirdLife South Africa explains.

Support for the struggling secretarybird

Often described as a peculiar looking bird, with the body of an eagle and the legs of crane, the Secretarybird is a treat to spot – especially if you’re fortunate enough to witness their elaborate mating ritual. However, writes BirdLife South Africa’s Raptor and Large Terrestrial Bird Project Manager, Dr Christiaan Willem Brink, these birds are increasingly under threat and already labelled Endangered.

Get Ready to rock and roll(er)…

The migrant season is upon us! And there is not a more charismatic, colourful and easily recognisable migrant than the European Roller. Rollers are attractive

Braking for birds

Andy Wassung of BirdLife South Africa, Is an lover of all things birding and gives you the tips of how to bird in The Kruger.