RAW 4×4 kicking up some dust

RAW 4×4 might be the new kid on the block in the suspension game in South Africa, but it’s no newcomer to other markets. If fact, RAW 4×4 is one of the top brands in the fiercely competitive Australian market.

A new beginning for Amarok

he Amarok has been on the market for a while. It is known for its refined nature. And now Volkswagen has a new one on the horizon.

Suzuki Jimny line-up expanded

Suzuki has increased the appeal of its Jimny range with the introduction of a mid-range GL specification level, designed to bring many of the must-have luxuries of the GLX to a wider audience.

Dipped in blue

With the next generation Everest and Ranger on the horizon, Ford is looking to expand production, improve their product and help the Ford brand strengthen its reach and influence in the South African market.