Ain’t no Mountain high enough…

Back in the 1940s, during World War II, General Patton declared that the USA’s single biggest contribution to the war effort was the introduction of the Willys Overland. Many still regard it as the first-ever off-roader, able to get you wherever you want to go… come hell or high water. That is precisely the mission of the DVR Xtreme 4×4 Rowwe Blixem off-road trip. The goal is simply to find an obscure destination and follow the most challenging route to get there. Anton Willemse Jnr went along for the rather rough ride.

An epic end to a tough challenge

For the last four editions, Trygve Roberts of Mountain Passes South Africa has entertained us with tales from the most epic Ben 10 Eco Challenge to date. The group finally reached the end and conquered the final four passes!

History, Scenery and rain: Mountain Passes

The Ben 10 Eco Challenge – comprising ten challenging passes to be completed in five days – continues with more rain, more mud and a whole lot of adventure. Trygve Roberts of Mountain Passes South Africa guides this annual event and regards it as the ultimate experience for explorers who have an appreciation for the natural beauty and technical driving that mountain passes offer.

The challenge continues…

Much more than “just another mountain pass tour”, the annual Ben 10 Eco Challenge gives adventurers a sense of achievement and bragging rights for those successfully completing it. For Trygve Roberts, of Mountain Passes South Africa, this annual trek is a highlight on his calendar.

Ten challenging passes, five gruelling days

Trygve Roberts of Mountain Passes South Africa takes us on the adventurous Ben 10 Eco Challenge which – as the 12 participating vehicles discovered – is much more than just another mountain pass tour.

Head in the clouds

With the excitement and anticipation of a child finally getting to the front of the queue to receive his ice cream cone on a hot sunny day, so too was Dave Koster. He was about to receive his ice cream cone in the form of his first Land Rover Bush Run.

Escape to the mountains

Trygve Roberts, of Mountain Passes South Africa, wanted to create a trip of a lifetime, crammed with as many unforgettable experiences as possible. One that

Angels above, Landies below

The Transkei’s rolling hills, deep river valleys and muddy tweespoor delivered just the right medicine for participants in the latest Defender Trophy event. What is