Climbing Kili’s younger brother

The mention of Tanzania evokes images of the Serengeti, teeming with vast herds of wild animals; Zanzibar’s sun-kissed white beaches along the Indian Ocean… and,

Take a hike!

Hiking is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the outdoors. Transported by your own two feet and carrying only what you need on your back, you can discover the beauty of nature at whatever pace you’re comfortable with. And, with a bit of planning and preparation, it’s an activity that almost anyone can do.

Ain’t no mountain high enough!

‘Drakensberg’ means ‘Dragon’s Mountains’ in Afrikaans, and the Zulu name is uKhahlamba, the ‘barrier of spears’. Both monikers help convey these peaks’ spiky, jagged contours, which form part of a large escarpment leading to a vast interior plateau. For many hikers, a multi-day hiking trail in this wild and remote area is a definite bucket list item. And why wouldn’t it be? We put our top five trails in this beautiful area together.

Hiking the Mphongolo trail

Sometimes you have to park your 4×4 under a tree and walk the rest of the way because the terrain is too much to handle, or because the surroundings are too sensitive to disrupt with 18-inch tyre tracks. Apart from which walking is always the best way to get close to the bush. It’s why Anton and Natasha Schutte of Sunset Adventure Travel leave their loyal Land Cruiser, Elvis, at home at least once a year to embark on a hiking trail. Recently they gathered a few friends to hit the Mphongolo hiking trail in the Kruger National Park.