New Nissan Qashqai headed to SA

Some say that the Nissan Qashqai and Juke paved the way for the crossover segment. They were the first of their kind, however since their introduction the segment has become the most hotly contested automotive segment of our time. Manufacturers are constantly introducing new models into the segment. Nissan has however just unveiled their latest 4th generation Qashqai. Does it have what it takes to compete in a segment vastly different from the one it created? We have the details.

Nissan South Africa confirmed that the all-new Qashqai will make its debut in South and Sub-Saharan Africa later in the 2021 Financial Year with exact timing and spec to be released in due course. Order books have however been opened in Europe. Some of the first customers will be receiving a special launch version called the Premiere Edition.

Showcasing the advanced technology available on the new Qashqai, the Premiere Edition will offer customers unprecedented convenience features which are normally found in upper automotive segments.

The styling has always been at the heart of the success of the Qashqai, and the appeal of the Qashqai Premiere Edition has been elevated thanks to the introduction of a palette of two-tone colour options for a more personalised choice. The following body colours are available with a striking black roof: new blue, pearl grey and pearl white, while the black body colour is available with a grey roof. The Premiere Edition also features neatly integrated roof rails, which are finished in a matt silver.

At night, the driver will appreciate the LED matrix headlights that are equipped with advanced driving beam technology. The headlights emit a strong, bright beam with a large range, giving excellent visibility. When an approaching vehicle is detected, the beam effectively changes shape to have the effect of putting the oncoming vehicle in a shadow, so the driver isn’t dazzled, but the rest of the road remains clearly illuminated.

Additional aesthetic appeal comes in the form of new 18-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels, which complement the new Qashqai’s stance, which is more purposeful thanks to the longer wheelbase and sharp shoulder lines over the wheels.

The interior follows a classic format, with black cloth trim, black dashboard and centre console, which combine to give the interior an air of refinement and pedigree, while a grey roof trim prevents the overall ambience from being oppressive. The grey roof lining also reinforces the additional interior head, knee and shoulder space that has been generated thanks to the longer wheelbase and smart packaging of the CMF-C platform.

The central screen is a 9” TFT screen which houses Nissan’s upgraded infotainment system, while an additional 12” TFT configurable screen sits in front of the driver, replacing the traditional dials. Additional convenience comes in the form of a wireless charging pad, allowing occupants to easily charge their smartphones. At 15w, the wireless charging unit is among the most powerful in the segment. And while the smartphone is charging wirelessly, suitably equipped iPhones can connect to the Qashqai via wireless Apple CarPlay, allowing seamless usage of many of the phone’s apps. Additional connectivity is available for all occupants, with a total of 4 USB charging ports, with 2 USB-A and 2 USB-C ports.

The new Qashqai Premiere Edition is powered by a highly evolved iteration of the 1.3-litre turbocharged petrol engine found on the current Qashqai. However, Nissan’s engineers have developed it to include mild hybrid technology which enhances its efficiency. Thanks to the addition of a secondary Lithium-ion battery system, the new Qashqai offers extended idle stop, quicker restart and coasting stop (automatic only).

While the exact engine spec hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, we do hope that Nissan does introduce this motor to remain with other market trends within the segment. We will keep you informed about the finer details closer to the national media launch.

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