Next-gen Ranger Raptor

It’s no secret that a new Ford Ranger is on the horizon, and we have received a ton of information regarding the new, modern, and super hot 2022 Ford Ranger. However, information regarding the flagship Raptor has been scarce, but Ford has just released a striking video that might reveal some intriguing clues relating to this one…

When you listen to the roar from this brute, you’ll quickly realise that its probably a high-revving petrol engine under the bonnet! And we have some suspicion about what engine it might be – could it be the Bronco’s 3.0-litre Ecoboost twin-turbo petrol V6? We have been saying that this would be a great engine option for the blue oval’s halo model for years as it will translate into some insane figures. This engine has a power output of nearly 298Kw (though no official numbers have been released).

Information is still a closely guarded secret – however, mark your calendars because the veil will be lifted with a global reveal video dropping then.

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