Test all limits in the Nissan Navara
Test all limits in the Nissan Navara

Get blown away-Dewalt work fan

While we love camping, the reality is that during the sweltering summer months in South Africa it can become rather uncomfortable due to the extreme heat, especially if you are in a canvas tent. Going to bed when the mercury is still sitting well above 20°C is not great, and if you’re camping off the grid as we do, there is more than likely no electricity to run a fan. So, sleeping in a hot tent, with mosquitos buzzing around during the summer months, is something we try to avoid as it is certainly not our idea of fun. Well, it wasn’t…

Our partnership with Black & Decker and its subsidiary brand, DeWalt, has introduced us to plenty of cool new gadgets and equipment that would be ideal for use in the bush and around camp. The latest product we tested is the DeWalt Cordless Jobsite Fan 18V. It pushes out 28m³/min at full power and promises up to five hours of running time from the 6Ah 18V battery. I have been using it on the low speed setting and it has has been cooling me down for close to 36 hours without being recharged. The fan works on a standard DeWalt battery, so there is no need to purchase separate batteries (note, however, the battery is not included in the purchase price). The fan head can tilt 180° to ensure you catch the breeze at the exact angle you want. The power knob is adjustable and offers 16 variable speeds. In addition, there are two stainless steel hooks that slide in the back and allows you to attach it to the roof of your tent. Weighing in at under 4kg and measuring a compact 43cm x 30cm x 20cm, the fan is a great addition to my camping gear and will ensure that I stay cool during the summer months.

*Available from selected hardware stores from R2 470. For more information on the product: https://za.dewalt.global/

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