Test all limits in the Nissan Navara
Test all limits in the Nissan Navara

Cruiser companion

Vehicle Details: 2011 Toyota Land Cruiser 4.0 V6

Owner Details: Hannes van der Merwe

Our four-wheel partners are integral to our adventures and expeditions, and it is no different for Hannes van der Merwe. He is a blogger and content creator whose goal is to create the largest overlanding and 4×4 content page in South Africa, and he simply adores his Cruiser.

The team at Terrain Tamer nicknamed this Cruiser “Onderhoud” due to the massive amount of work that has gone into kitting it out, but it has all been worth it for Hannes van der Merwe, who heads out to the bundu at every opportunity he gets.

“My vehicle is kitted out with a dual purpose: to make it suitable for both 4×4 trail driving and overlanding, which makes it perfect for both my passions,” he says. “It takes me wherever my travels take me, never backing away from any challenge – and man, does it look good doing it!” Picking just one favourite memory is quite difficult for Hannes, as he has travelled the length and breadth of South Africa. “A standout must be a Richtersveld trip during 2021 when, for the first time ever, it was so wet that some of the roads had been washed away. We had to make our own roads to cross river beds!” As far as bucket lists go, Hannes still wants to plan and complete a proper southern African safari to our neighbouring countries of Botswana, Zimbabwe, and – time and budget permitting – Zambia and Angola. “However, my ultimate dream is to traverse Australia in my own vehicle, meeting up with like-minded Aussie overlanders and sharing experiences.”

Onderhoud has been kitted out to the hilt, with all the accessories carefully considered and selected to improve ride quality, handling, and overall vehicle enjoyment. “We have been blessed to collaborate with some amazing brands who asked us to test their products for marketing purposes. It has been an incredible journey so far,” says Hannes, insisting that all his extras are there for a purpose and not just for show. He is particularly fond of the Terrain Tamer suspension, because, as he points out, “Land Cruisers may be known for toughness, but they ain’t winning any prizes for the most comfortable ride!”

Modifications and additions to date:

• Terrain Tamer full suspension with parabolic leaf springs

• Terrain Tamer high-performance brakes

• 285/75 R16 Atlas mud-terrain tyres and TSW mags

• Onca front bumper

• Gobi X rear bumper with tyre carrier

• Self-built bin frame for the tent and awning

• Front Runner rooftop tent

• Flex Adventures awning

• 75-litre Flex Adventures fridge

• 8-litre Flex Adventures centre console fridge

• Predator roof rack

• Bigger towing mirrors

• Steering wheel with buttons

• National Luna dual-battery system

• MTech VHF radio system

• Beesdam seat covers

• Onca roof console

• De Graaf 76mm stainless steel exhaust system

• Stainless steel snorkel from ALL IN 4×4

*You can follow Vanventures-SA on various social media platforms: @vanventuressa

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