Test all limits in the Nissan Navara
Test all limits in the Nissan Navara

Mount anything, anywhere

We have featured RAM Mounts in this section before, giving a basic overview of this company’s rugged and versatile mounting solutions. They claim to have a mount able to secure almost any of your electronic devices anywhere, safe in the knowledge they will be secure no matter where your adventure takes you.

That’s quite a claim. We have now had the opportunity to put several of their innovative and uniquely designed products to the test in various conditions, securing cameras, various phones, GoPros and a GPS on our trips, launches and even a 4×4 training event. Unlike similar products we have used in the past, these mounts and their components were built specifically to withstand the toughest and harshest conditions. Their construction is first-class, being made up of durable composite plastics, stainless steel, rubber and marine-grade aluminium. We particularly enjoyed mounting the GoPro on the outside of the vehicle to take some breathtaking video footage, knowing the camera would not shake loose.


RAM Mounts have over 6 000 products in their catalogue, designed to keep a wide range of devices secure in different places. Suction cup mounts are designed to have an extra strong hold on any clean and smooth non-porous surface. We tested two twist-lock suction cup mounts. The first was the single RAM Twist-Lock Suction Cup Base with Ball that consists of an 84mm diameter suction cup twist-lock base which is connected to a diamond shaped mounting base with a 25mm rubber ball.

Our second unit was a more advanced triple suction base (with three cups) that are each 84mm in diameter, and link to the mounting plate via a 38mm diameter ball. This is a Godzilla of mounts, able to carry our Canon 80D with its huge 150-600mm lens with ease, and providing an instant stabiliser for those long-distance shots.

For even heavier-duty applications, where the vehicle can get dusty and dirty, RAM has a powerful magnetic mount, the RAM Tough-Mag 66mm diameter ball base. This mount features a 25mm ball screwed into a 6mm-508mm threaded post to which one attaches a compatible double socket arm and your desired device holder. The base features an industrial-strength N35- grade magnet with a rubber coating to protect the metal surface you’re attaching it to.

Then there’s the RAM Tough- Claw, the perfect mounting base for round, square and other oddly-shaped rails and bars. The small version of the RAM Tough-Claw can quickly be clamped on rails ranging from 16mm to 38mm in outer diameter and includes a 25mm B-size rubber ball for attachment to RAM double socket arms. We found this ideal for mounting phones and action cameras. RAM also have a medium Tough-Claw (25mm to 47mm) and a large one (25mm to 57mm).


Most devices need adapters for them to be able to connect onto a RAM mount or extension. Depending on the weight of the device and the application, RAM offers ball and socket mounts in three sizes: small (25mm mounts for units up to .91kg in weight), medium (38mm mounts for units up to 1.81kg weight) and large (57mm mount for units up to 2.72kg in weight).

We tested two adapters, one for a DSLR camera and another for a GoPro. The RAM Ball Adapter with Round Plate for the DSLR camera consists of a 38mm rubber ball that is connected to a 63mm diameter round base. There is also a threaded steel stud in the centre of the round base, which provides effective support and stability for your cameras.

While the RAM Action Camera Universal Ball Adapter utilises the RAM ball and socket mounting system, one can easily attach the included B-size 25mm rubber ball adapter to the GoPro base. This gives better adjustability and superior vibration damping, so you can get the most out of your action camera, with less shaky footage and less worry that your gear will fall off the vehicle and be destroyed when you drive over it!


To add even more reach to your favourite mounting solutions, you can use extensions such as differing lengths of the RAM double socket arms. We tested three different sizes to evaluate the effect added length has on the connected device. Of course, this is a great way to change your shooting angles. Each double socket arm is made from powder-coated, marine-grade aluminium for durability and reliability in the most demanding environments. All 25mm double socket extensions attach to any B-size RAM ball component (the big double socket attaches to a 38mm C-size), including mounting bases and device holders. The arms come with an easyto- adjust knob that allows for near-infinite adjustments to the connected device.

*Most RAM Mounts come with a lifetime warranty and are available from: www.rammount.co.za

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