Angus Boswell

Tripping the tip of Africa

There is much to see and do in the region that forms the southernmost point of the continent, with its important land and marine reserves, quirky fishing villages and a legacy of shipwrecks over the centuries.

Black box basics

What are the factors to consider when selecting a battery to power your off-grid system? Angus Boswell finds the answers.

The Golden Rules of Packing

There is a science to packing a 4×4 or overlanding/camping vehicle, though the principles are very simple. camping vehicle, though the principles are very simple. Once you’ve gone through the motions a few times, or you’ve been on the road long enough to perfect your own system, it becomes second nature, even when you change vehicles. Angus Boswell gives some valuable advice.

Control the power

Setting up a vehicle-based 12V system to charge the battery or batteries that will power all your off-grid appliances involves quite a few choices

Kia’s all-new Sorento ups its game

Kia’s fourth generation Sorento is now on sale locally, featuring a crisper design, all-new ‘large SUV’ platform, a revised 2.2 CRDI diesel engine, new dual-clutch transmission and a shedload of new tech features. Here are seven things that make this seven-seater stand out.

Sensible solar

Solar panels have been around for years, and they are getting both better and cheaper. If you are a regular wild camper, an investment in remote charging will make life a whole lot easier.

Ready for action

A simple, versatile Tray module from Infanta 4×4 will change the way you camp and travel. Six years ago when Jurie Wessels needed a camping

Winches: 10 things to know

If you travel alone and tend to push the capabilities of your vehicle, the time will come when the usual first-order recovery techniques – like

The smart way to stay in charge

Intelligent DC-DC chargers are the new wave when it comes to designing a dual-battery system that can deal with the so-called ‘smart’ alternators in most modern vehicles. Angus Boswell explores the latest trends.