Mountain passes

A pass to a forgotten world

While only four-wheel drive vehicles with good ground clearance will cope with the harsh conditions of the Richtersveld, this dramatic mountainous desert in the north-western part of South Africa is on many adventurers‘ bucket lists. And with good reason – it is absolutely stunning. It also plays host to seven official passes and poorts, ranging in difficulty. Trygve Roberts of Mountain Passes South Africa explores one of the two most challenging passes, Akkedis Pass.

Difficult, but worth it!

Located within the boundaries of the Marakele National Park near Thabazimbi, one should not be fooled by the tarred nature of the Lenong Pass. This is quite a challenging pass on a narrow road that clings precariously to the side of the mountain with extreme unprotected drop-offs and, according to TRYGVE ROBERTS of Mountain Passes South Africa, it is certainly not for anyone suffering from acrophobia (fear of heights).

An Oasis in the Kalahari

TRYGVE ROBERTS of Mountain Passes South Africa explores the gateway to one of the Northern Cape’s hidden gems, the Witsand Nature Reserve.

Gateways to magical Magalies

For city dwellers from Pretoria and Johannesburg, Magaliesberg is a quick escape from the hustle and bustle, offering many adventure and family activities. Getting there sees travellers traversing some suburban passes, including Theo Martin’s Poort and Horn’s Nek Pass. TRYGVE ROBERTS of Mountain Passes South Africa guides us through.

Gamkaskloof… Heaven or Hell: Part 1

The famous Gamkaskloof, approximately 100 km from Oudtshoorn, is one of the most iconic gravel roads in South Africa, holding almost pilgrimage status amongst gravel-road