Test all limits in the Nissan Navara
Test all limits in the Nissan Navara

Best games for camping

When you go camping you’ll find that between activities there’s a lot of free time. These days being somewhat of an adult I prefer to use this time to lounge about and relax, however as a kid this is the most awful thing on earth. With that in mind here are some games that you can bring along to keep the little ones busy.

The old tried and trusted classic Monopoly is just as effective in the bush as it is at home. Note that with any board game smaller pieces might get lost in the bush and sand. With that being said, if your children are a bit older and responsible this might not be as much of an issue but refrain from board games with small pieces such as Scrabble and Risk. As far as I’m concerned Monopoly works best for the bush as a board game. If you want something similar to Monopoly but more local then try out the South African board game Platteland.

A traditional 52 deck of cards can obviously provide multiple games for you and the family. Our family favourite growing up was sevens, however, that isn’t the only option. You can play Rummy, Bridge, go fish, snap and the list goes on. You yourself might even be able to do a few magic tricks if the kids get really bored. As a bonus when the kids go to sleep you and the mates can play a bit of Texas Hold’Em.

My personal favourite camping game is 30 seconds. I would recommend getting the one without the board which is perfect for camping. This is also perfect for adults as well as a good way to increase your children’s general knowledge.

UNO is a classic card game that doesn’t take too much skill to play, so is a great one for kiddos. Since all you need to play this game is the deck of cards, it makes it ideal to take camping.

To play this game, each player simply takes turns placing a card from their hand on the pile that’s of the same colour or number as the last card played. This simple concept is what makes it fun for kids too. Just remember to yell “UNO” when you’re down to one card! This game can keep you busy for hours and can become very competitive.

I do hope that you have some of these games in your camping box so that when you are out camping again you and your family will have something fun to do while enjoying the free time.

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