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Let there be light

The all-new Australian made HTX2 from Lightforce gives you the ultimate fusion of HID and LED technology, providing an instant flood of LED lighting combined with unmatched long-distance HID. The flagship product is are now available in a 24-volt version that also includes a stainless steel top bracket for additional stability and reduced vibration. Further improvements include CE certification, ensuring HTX2 compliance with internationally recognised standards. Price available on request

*For more information, contact Opposite Lock SA:  +27 11 697 0086 / / 

Box it

Ironman 4×4’s Maxi storage cases are ideal for recovery equipment, camping gear and tool. Made from tough LLDPE that is UV stabilised, these storage boxes boast large lockable heavy-duty latches with strong moulded hinges. Prices starting from R2 000, the containers are super strong with 3.6mm average wall thinness.

*For more information, contact Ironman 4×4: +27 11 634 7770 / /

Power up

With load shedding a constant companion for South Africans, why not invest in portable power solutions to use both at home and while camping. TBV Solar offers an impressive range of solar solutions including a high efficiency monocrystalline 200W fabric folding solar panel. Supplied with a 10m cable and controller its folded size is 560mm x 646mm which makes it super portable and light (6.8kg net weight). It opens up to 2258mm x 646mm in size.

*For more information, contact TBV Solar: +27 83 554 5116 / /

 What’s cooking?

Arrive at your destination with a delicious hot meal waiting for you, by adding a 12 Volt Travel Oven from Road Chef to your set up. This compact and space-saving unit allows you to use the 12V battery system in your vehicle (or through a 12V dual battery system) to reheat, bake or roast while you’re driving. Just pop your stew, roast, pies or pasties in this unit, and it’ll be ready to eat when upon arrival. Priced from R4 399, this is a great addition especially on those typically long travel distances on the first day of the expedition.

*Available from 4×4 Mega World: /

Savvy shoes

Built tough with a flexible and athletic feel, the Raider work boot from Wolverine Shoes promises comfort and confidence you can count on for long days on your feet. Bending and flexing with you, the boot feels cushioned, energetic and supportive thanks to dual ContourWelt® and Multishox® construction. Priced at R2 1999, product highlights include:

  • Full grainLeather upper
  • Breathable CK mesh Lining
  • Lightweight PU midsole
  • Reliable grip from slip, oil and abreasion-resistant Multishox® lugged rubber outsole

*Available from Safari & Outdoor: / 

Its not inside… it’s on top!

Easy to install with no drilling required, the Slimline II Roof Rail Rack Kit by Front Runner mounts easily to the existing factory roof rails of your vehicle. The 1 156mm long Slimline II kit contains the Slimline II tray, wind deflector and two pairs of Grab-On Feet to mount. As is standard with all Front Runner kits, it comes with installation instructions and components needed to mount your gear. This rack kit can be removed, leaving your vehicle’s roof and roof rails in their original condition. Price available on request. 

*For more information, contact Frontrunner: +27 11 466 0155 / 

Small, but strong

It is said that true size comes from within and then reveals itself. This is especially true for the Ledlenser Flash Light – MT10. Very compact but super strong, it comes standard with a practical pocket clip, is easy to operate with a front switch can be charged anywhere in the world via USB 3.0. 

*Priced at R1 399 and available from Outdoor Warehouse:

See more & better

The KF series of binoculars from Fujifilm is the ideal companion for hiking, exploring and climbing. Lightweight and easy to use, it offers absolute sharpness of detail, is impact resistant and designed with waterproof seals.

*For more information:

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