Test all limits in the Nissan Navara
Test all limits in the Nissan Navara

Dining in style, no matter where you are

The days of using tin plates or the mismatched, chipped mugs while camping is long gone. Nowadays, a bush dinner can be – nay, it should be – presented in style!

Very few places on earth set a dinner scene as beautiful as in the bush. As the sun sets with a crackling Mopani fire in front of you and a jackal calling in the distance, life is near-perfect. We often see fellow campers pulling out all the stops with incredible bush dinners around an immaculately set table, complete with a crisp white table-cloth and crockery. While we certainly never stand back when it comes to preparing delicious bush recipes, our presentation skills do need some work! How on earth do they do it, I often wonder while dishing up in my old faithful tin or paper plate.

Quite easily, I had recently learnt when my mother insisted on pulling out all the stops trying to impress some of the guests while camping in the middle of nowhere. Surprisingly, courtesy of Tentco’s innovative camping solutions, it was not that hard to dine in in style for a change. Their six-piece Ammo Box dinner set comes complete with everything you need to put on a five-star show and includes everything from side plates to delicate glassware (and soon, they will be adding a steak platter option).

But how on earth do you transport all of this, I hear you wonder. Again, fairly easily thanks to the memory foam dividers within the Ammo Box protecting your crockery and cutlery while travelling on those pesky dirt roads where everything rattles, rolls and sometimes even breaks. So no more excuses, ladies – if we prepare a meal fit for a king, we’d like to dine like one!

Table manners

Once you’re sorted with beautiful crockery and cutlery, you still need a stable table for the family to dine around. Naturally, your one-stop camping needs shop have you covered in this department too. They have multiple table options in various shapes and sizes available – all sharing the distinct convenience and quality, synonymous with the brand that has stood the test of time.

We particularly enjoyed the Tencto Table and Two Benches option. This product is unique because you don’t need to drag your chair along from the fire to enjoy your dinner because this set – as the name implies – sports two benches that conveniently folds into the table. Another bonus is that the benches are not attached to the table, which means you have extra seating at all times. The set is made of high-density polyethylene plastic in a powder-coated steel frame, is lightweight, and you can purchase a convenient bag for easy storage.

Thus, next time you are camping in the perfect setting, don’t settle for the mediocre when you can create your own five-star dining experience under a million stars in the bush. Oh, and if the stars are not bright enough, there are various lighting solutions you can use on the table – we quite liked the Hello Today Emergency bulb, which offers two light settings and is rechargeable.

What’s in the bag?

Since the latest wheelie suitcase is not always practical when packing space is limited, the good old duffel bag has proven itself time and time again. Tentco’s Deluxe Kit bags takes this stalwart to the next level with a stylish yet practical design in easy-to-clean canvas fabric. Boasting enough space for even my sisters camp “necessities” (which includes three outfits a day, not to mention all the shoes!), a small and large option is available. Add the 34-litre Day Pack backpack featuring a host of nifty side bags to use en route to your destination or for a day’s outing; there certainly are no boundaries to your outdoor adventures.

For all your camping related needs, pop over to Tentco’s website to find a retailer near you: https://www.tentco.co.za/

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