Test all limits in the Nissan Navara
Test all limits in the Nissan Navara

Get a perfect night’s rest

Whether you are camping in the middle of nowhere in Africa or at a local resort, sleeping in comfort is one of the top priorities that no one wants to budge on. There is nothing worse than trying to fall asleep with the ground and rocks digging into your back, while you are freezing or dying from the heat. During a recent camping trip to the Makuya Game Reserve, Lizaan Snyman and Anton Willemse Jnr tested just how comfortable some of the sleeping solutions offered by Tentco is.

Since the trip to Makuya was my first time camping, I had no idea what to expect, especially when it came to sleeping in a ground tent. I have heard many horror stories about just how miserable and uncomfortable sleeping can be when roughing it. They obviously did not have the amazing sleeping solutions that Tentco offer at their disposal.

Get comfortable

Making the most of your adventures is easy when you have a good night’s rest under your belt, guaranteed to leave you rejuvenated and feeling fresh. So, finding a suitable mattress or stretcher that fits your sleeping and packing space needs is crucial.

As usual, Tentco came to our rescue with their wide range of mattress options priced from just over R500 for the basic and single mattresses to about R2 000 for the bigger double and more luxurious options, such as their popular double bedroll swag. They also offer standard and large deluxe stretchers that can carry up to 130 kg and are priced at R845 and R999, respectively.

We slept on the improved and durable 10 cm self-inflating mattress. Anton Jnr was sceptical when he heard we were sleeping on self-inflatable mattresses as he has experienced a number of sleepless nights on other inflatable mattresses. However, the comfortable and compact blue Open Cell foam mattress with the microsuede coated PVC top and polyester dotted anti-slip PVC bottom was an absolute dream. It was quick and easy to inflate with the ABS valves. The mattress comes in a strong polyester bag with adjustable elastic straps, which makes packing it up a lot easier. Another positive is that it folds up quite small, so it is easy to find packing space or attach it to your backpack when hiking.

TIP: When planning on using an inflatable mattress on an upcoming adventure, ensure that you know how to use it before you go camping, as it can be quite frustrating and time-consuming to figure it out in the harsh conditions of Africa. Also, make sure it deflates effortlessly as getting it back in the bag when departing can be a challenge.

Nice and cosy!

Another critical part of getting a good night’s rest that people often neglect is proper bedding. For us, a decent sleeping bag is a must as the weather in Africa can be unpredictable and the good old sleeping bag has proven itself as the most practical solution time and time again.

Tentco offers three sleeping bag options that are all made from 100 gsm hollow fibre filling. I love the middle-of-the-range Cliff sleeping bag as it is spacious, cosy, light (1.2 kg) and affordable at a mere R450 – certainly a dream come true! The smallest but very comfortable option, the Tundra, weighs only 0.86 kg, while the spacious Bundu weighs 2.5 kg and is priced at R355 and R600, respectively.

When packed in their bags, all three options are quite small, making space for all your other necessities and accessories you want to bring on your adventure. Rolled up like this, it also offers a great car pillow when travelling to your destination!

What’s in the bag

My mom always says she will camp if things are organised and within easy reach when you need something. The Tent Manager Bag from Tentco offers just that. With nine different sized bags (some can close, some are open), this nifty organiser can be hanged from your tent frame, trailer or caravan door and gives you a convenient and central storage space for all those everyday things like your flashlight, keys, map, charger cables, sunblock and insect repellent. The trick, of course, is to get dad to put everything back after use! Sized at 38cm x 53cm, it is made from ripstop canvas and when not in use folds flat for easy storage.

Couple this with the two-row or three-row cutlery bags – also equipped with eyelids to hang from your trailer, canopy or caravan door – and you will never search for anything again. Alternatively, they also have a carry bag for cutlery which offers eight cutlery pockets and four different sized bags ideal for plates, cloths and mugs or glasses. Made from easy-to-clean Oxford nylon, it also sports a strap to hang it conveniently within reach or close it up and carry it to your picnic spot.

For all your camping related needs and a range of innovative camping equipment and accessories, pop over to Tentco’s website to find a retailer near you: https://www.tentco.co.za/

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