Test all limits in the Nissan Navara
Test all limits in the Nissan Navara

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If you’re shopping for a canvas tent, Tentco has your back with a huge range of tents starting with an entry level tent all the way to the more durable Safari range. Over the next few issues, we will be touching on their vast range of bow tents, starting with the entry-level canvas bow tent, the Savannah Range.

I’ve been an overlander who enjoys staying on the move. I enjoy travelling around and not being in one particular spot for a prolonged period. I also don’t enjoy towing something and love to keep everything stored in my vehicle. I also prefer sleeping on the ground rather than on a roof. As a result, I’ve had the same shelter over my head on every single adventure I’ve been on – a Tentco canvas bow tent.

In a previous issue, we discussed the critical differences between nylon and canvas dome tents. For a quick recap, there are a few key differences between the fabrics, but a case can be made for both. Weightwise, the nylon prevails over the canvas, but in terms of durability the canvas comes out on top. The canvas also has better heat insulation and is more weather resistant. Unless you’re going hiking, canvas would be better option.

Of course, that improved durability, weatherproofing and comfort do come at a price. However, Tentco offers an affordable solution with the entry-level Savannah range.

What is the Savannah range?

This is Tentco’s entry-level option, priced from R3 110 to R4 450. The range uses 260gms Howard safari ripstop canvas, which is weatherproofed and also treated to make it mildew and rot resistant. The Savannah’s groundsheet is made with 320gms heavy-duty PVC, similar to all canvas dome tents on offer from Tentco. The frame is electroplated high tensile 8.5mm spring steel. The Savannah has only one window, one door and no heat vent. It also only has a skullcap on offer for the flysheet, which means you have no awning on your dome tent.

The Savannah has three variants, the Savannah 3, Savannah 4 and Savannah 5. The most immediate difference between the three variations is the size – the Savannah 5 being the largest, and the Savannah 3 is the smallest. However, apart from the size, there are however a few other key differences.

The Savannah 3 is Tentco’s most cost-effective canvas dome tent on offer and has no additional accessories or extensions. It has a base width of 2.1m and a length of 2.1m. Its height is 1.5m. This tent is designed for two people at most. However, unless that person is your significant other, you might want to go a size up. The base dimensions might give you the impression that there is ample space for a stretcher, but due to the arching nature of a dome tent, you’ll find that the stretcher will make some protrusions on the side of the tent, which will damage it over time. The Savannah 3 has a weight of 14kg and folds down to a pack size of 95cm x 24cm x 24cm. The bag itself is made of PVC and is big enough to accommodate both the frame and the tent, so everything is packed into one neat unit.

The Savannah 4 is the best option for two siblings camping together. The 2.5m x 2.5m base means that the two will be out of each other’s hair and there will be plenty of space for luggage. The 1.9m height also allows you to fit two stretchers comfortably without them protruding out on the sides. This option is also available with an optional Junior Baobab extension, which can act as either living quarters, an extra room, a kitchen, a pause area or as shelter from the elements, should you have some bad luck with the weather. The Savannah 4 has a total weight of 18kg, and has a pack size of 115cm x 26xm x 26cm.

The Savannah 5 is the big boy and was designed to be an affordable family tent. The massive 3m x 3m base allows four people to sleep comfortably. It is more practical thanks to its three optional extensions, the Senior Deluxe, the Senior Baobab and the double bow extension. You can also get a bow and senior gazebo connector if you would like to join your Tentco senior gazebo to the Savannah 5.

The Savannah 5 fits into a 130cm x 26cm x 26cm bag and has a weight of 23kg. To conclude, the Savannah bow range is an excellent series of products for people in search of something a bit more durable than a nylon tent. The lack of additional ventilation might become an issue in hotter climates, but then again, the lack of zips for additional windows will absolutely make maintenance easier. Overall, the Savannah range does its duty as an entry-level canvas option.

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