Keep things sand-free

One of the biggest frustrations for moms is getting sand into food while picnicking on an adventure or spending a day at the beach. Enter C Gear’s Sandlite Sand-Free Mat – now with a new weave created with softer and lighter material that easily folds into a small bag to carry. Softness and undeniable comfort make the Sandlite Mat better than any other towel or picnic blanket on the market, with the unique benefit of being sand free! Additionally, thanks to the mat’s patented construction, the opening in the weave allows wind to go through the mat rather than flying up on windy days. Measuring 1.55m x 2m, this beach/picnic mat will make a great addition to any outdoor set-up. The brand also makes sand-free tote bags and offers special deals when taking both the mat and the bag.

*Check out for a full range of sand-free camping and lifestyle solutions. 

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