Test all limits in the Nissan Navara
Test all limits in the Nissan Navara

Keep it in your rear-view mirror

Towing a rig behind your vehicle is often part and parcel of overlanding. Still, most OEM side mirrors don’t provide an adequate view of what you’re towing. The obvious solution to the problem is a new set of towing rear-view mirrors, but how do you choose? Our recommendation is to opt for the most successful set of mirrors in the business, Clearview towing mirrors.

Most modern vehicles are stacked with advanced safety features. For Clearview, it is essential to offer a product that does not interfere with or bypass these features. To this end it works closely with the world’s top vehicle manufacturers to develop OE-authorised towing mirrors to achieve the highest possible level of cohesiveness.

Clearview side mirrors are substantially larger than stock versions and can extend out to give you a better view to the rear. In the standard position they have a wider outwards reach of approximately 100mm and when towing they can be extended by an additional 100mm. In fact, the mirrors offer up to three positions. To ensure safety, they can’t be extended during high-speed manoeuvres and are also foldable to prevent them from smashing into anything while off-roading or parking.

Available from WR Off Road Industries: www.wroffroad.co.za

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