Test all limits in the Nissan Navara
Test all limits in the Nissan Navara

Get your swag on

Tents are a dime a dozen these days but while there are numerous options to choose from, only a select few offer proper shelter from the elements. The Double Swag from Ironman 4×4 does just that and is one of those select few which can properly protect you from the elements. Measuring 150mm x 1400mm x 850mm, it is the perfect size for a couple who likes travelling together. It is constructed from 420gsm polycotton and has a base made from 600gsm PVC. The material has a water rating of 800mm, and is UV rated to keep you cool on those blazing hot African days. The Double Swag also features a built-in mattress with high-density foam.

Protection from bugs and insects is provided through a sandfly-proof mesh on all windows, which are located at both the head and foot ends of the tent to ensure improved airflow. Rolling up the polycotton access doors reveals a 180-degree view of the night sky. Another great feature is the awning poles, which allow you to transform the Swag’s entry flap into an awning for increased shelter from rain and frost.

Each swag is sold with a complementary PVC shoe storage cover to keep your tent clean and your boots dry! The Swag also comes with a complete set of guy ropes to tension out the rain flaps at each end. However, given the type of design, the Swag can be set up free-standing, without guy ropes, in dry and calm conditions. It is also available with a canvas carry bag.

Available from : www.ironman4x4.co.za  

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