Test all limits in the Nissan Navara
Test all limits in the Nissan Navara

The toughest and most luxurious Defender yet

The OCTA is set to be the new hero in the Land Rover Defender line-up and will make its public debut at the 2024 Goodwood Festival of Speed. According to initial reports it is the toughest, most capable and most luxurious model in the range and takes the capability of the Defender 110 to a whole new level.

What’s in a name?

Its name is derived from the toughest and most desirable mineral on earth – a diamond – and the octahedral shape that gives it its distinctive appearance and durability. This shape also inspired the new signature graphic, which denotes it as the flagship Defender.

Every Defender OCTA wears a new encircled diamond graphic, including a gloss black diamond within a machined and sandblasted titanium disc on each Signature Graphic panel.

Under the covers

The Defender OCTA is powered by a 467kW 4.4-litre twin turbo mild-hybrid V8 engine mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission with high and low range gears. It will reach up to 250km/h when fitted with 22-inch lightweight alloy wheels and all-season tyres.

With 750Nm of torque (up to 800Nm with Dynamic Launch Mode selected) and tuned to suit the vehicle’s all-terrain performance, the OCTA is capable of accelerating from 0-100km/h in 4.0 seconds, while peak torque is available from just 1 800r/min through to almost 6 000r/min.

Capable and durable

The OCTA is the first Defender to offer hydraulically interlinked 6D Dynamics suspension technology, along with extensive hardware and geometry changes.

It sits 28mm higher and has a 68mm wider stance, thus providing great ground clearance and stability. To ensure confidence and control on any terrain, with both maximum wheel articulation off-road and reduced roll on-road, revised suspension components include longer and tougher wishbones, and unique active dampers with separate accumulators. It also features uprated 400mm front brake discs with Brembo calipers and the fastest steering ratio of any Defender to date, for immediate, precise, responses.

An advanced network of hydraulically interlinked continuously variable semi-active dampers works to keep pitch and body roll on-road to the minimum, while the 6D Dynamics system also contributes to remarkable comfort and refinement. On rough terrain, 6D Dynamics enables greater wheel articulation and will tackle even more extreme obstacles.

The full capabilities of the OCTA – which can automatically detect which surface it is being driven on and optimise its dynamic settings accordingly – are unlocked via its enhanced drive modes. In addition to the default Comfort Mode, Dynamic Mode provides the ultimate performance-focused on-road experience, tuning the vehicle’s steering, throttle and suspension settings with one press of the transparent signature logo button on the steering wheel.

A long press of the same button accesses OCTA Mode, the first-ever dedicated Defender off-road driving mode with a performance focus. This has been specially developed to ensure ultimate control and driver confidence. OCTA Mode also enables an Off-Road Launch mode for optimum acceleration on loose surfaces. And, when combined with the lowest traction control settings (TracDSC or DSC off) it also engages a unique Off-Road ABS calibration for optimum braking performance on loose surfaces too.

For more technical off-road manoeuvres, Defender’s suite of familiar Terrain Response modes remains at the driver’s fingertips, with specific calibrations for Sand, Mud and Ruts, Grass Gravel Snow, and Rock Crawl – assisted by off-road driver aids such as ClearSight Ground View, which effectively makes the bonnet transparent for improved visibility and reassurance off the beaten track.

It’s going to be a while before we get to sample the Defender OCTO. In South Africa, the order books for the Defender OCTA will open soon. Expect to fork out anything upwards of R3 499 100 for the privilege of owning one.

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