Test all limits in the Nissan Navara
Test all limits in the Nissan Navara

Land Rover Defender gets a diesel plus electric power and the 90 is on the way.

It seems as if the new Land Rover Defender hasn’t just brought a new futuristic face to this legendary model but futuristic power as well. With the on-going pursuit of electric mobility it was only a matter of time before it reached the off-road segment and the Defender seems to be charging ahead.

Driven by a passion and respect for the original, New Defender delivers transformational breadth of capability, using advanced all-terrain technologies to redefine adventure for the 21st century, while remaining true to the pioneering spirit that has been a Land Rover hallmark for more than 70 years.

For 2021 Model Year an advanced new Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV) model – the P400e – is key to Defender 110’s expanded appeal. Combining a powerful 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine and 105kW electric motor, the P400e delivers substantial torque alongside low running costs, with a claimed consumption figure of just 2.8l/100km. It will run in all-electric mode with zero tailpipe emissions for up to 43km, including off-road where the immediate torque from the electric motor makes Defender even more capable. The Defender 110 P400e is the most powerful and fuel-efficient Defender, with 297kW.

Alongside the new P400e, Land Rover’s powerful and efficient in-line six-cylinder Ingenium diesel engine joins the range in the form of the D300. The new 3.0-litre D300 delivers 221kW and 650Nm. Strong performance, smooth responses and refinement combine to deliver another Defender that’s a world-class all-rounder on-road and an unrivalled expert off-road.

The D300’s new intelligent driveline system continually varies axle torque based on sensor data from the vehicle’s surroundings and driver inputs to distribute all torque to one axle or the other as required. This intelligent torque distribution system optimises the driveline for traction, on-road dynamics and driveline efficiency, resulting in improved fuel economy.

New X-Dynamic specification is available on both Defender 90 and 110, offering a selection of exterior and interior design elements which reflect the 4×4’s immense capability and ensures it stands out from the crowd. X-Dynamic offers a suite of enhancements to deliver a tougher look and feel, courtesy of exterior accents, including Silicon Satin front and rear skid pans, with matching grille bar and badging plus Rear Recovery Loops in Satin Black.  All alloy wheels come in Satin Dark Grey/Gloss Black finish, alongside Narvik Black mirror caps, window decals and lower sill and wheel arch cladding. Inside, unique elements include illuminated metal treadplates and Robustek seat material in Duotone colour finish.

Alongside the Defender 110, the Defender 90 gives customers even more scope to choose the perfect model. The Defender 90 is available with up to six seats when fitted with the jump seat in the front row.

With the exception of a P400e plug-in-hybrid (PHEV), the Defender 90 is powered by the same range of powerful and capable petrol and diesel Ingenium engines including a 3.0-litre turbocharged P400 with MHEV technology and the 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol P300, alongside the new in-line six-cylinder D300 and the 2.0-litre turbodiesel D240. Like the 110, all Defender 90 models use a smooth eight-speed automatic gearbox, with permanent all-wheel drive.

Configurable Terrain Response and the same impressive approach and departure angles as the 110 ensure customary Defender capability. With its superior breakover geometry when fitted with Electronic Air Suspension, and finely balanced and responsive on-road dynamics, the 90 is the most capable Defender ever made.

Inside, the 90 features the same practical interior design as the 110, with a range of models to choose from across S, X-Dynamic SE, X-Dynamic HSE, X, and First Edition models depending on engine choice. All deliver a unique take on the Defender identity, giving customers a broad choice of interior colours and specifications that perfectly complement the suite of technologies available.

The updated 2021 Model Year Defender 110 and 90 will be available in South Africa in the first half of next year.

Defender 90 prices:

D240 S                                     R1,095,600

D300 S                                     R1,186,800

P300 S                                     R1,095,600

P400 S                                     R1,214,200

D240 X-Dynamic SE                R1,215,500

D300 X-Dynamic SE                R1,297,000

P300 X-Dynamic SE                 R1,215,500

P400 X-Dynamic SE                 R1,338,600

D240 X-Dynamic HSE              R1,284,400

D300 X-Dynamic HSE              R1,365,900

P300 X-Dynamic HSE              R1,284,400

90 P400 X-Dynamic HSE         R1,407,500

90 D240 First Edition              R1,223,800

90 P400 First Edition               R1,341,700

D300 X                                     R1,542,100

P400 X                                     R1,575,000

Defender 110 prices:

D240 S                                     R1,143,900

D300 S                                     R1,235,900

P300 S                                     R1,143,900

P400 S                                     R1,265,000

P400e S                                   R1,519,100

D240 X-Dynamic SE                R1,269,100

D300 X-Dynamic SE                R1,350,700

P300 X-Dynamic SE                 R1,269,100

P400 X-Dynamic SE                 R1,390,200

P400e X-Dynamic SE               R1,610,700

D240 X-Dynamic HSE              R1,333,800

D300 X-Dynamic HSE              R1,415,400

P300 X-Dynamic HSE              R1,333,800

P400 X-Dynamic HSE              R1,454,900

P400e X-Dynamic HSE            R1,675,500

D240 First Edition                   R1,281,000

P400 First Edition                    R1,397,500

D300 X                                     R1,596,300

P400 X                                     R1,640,600

P400e X                                   R1,726,600

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