Test all limits in the Nissan Navara
Test all limits in the Nissan Navara

My Four-wheel Partner: Mashozi Magic

Mashozi’s little 2.25-litre, four-cylinder petrol engine jumps to life with every single turn of the key and, without missing a beat, she is ready for the next adventure owner Johan Pfahl throws at her! Truly a worthy winner of our inaugural ‘My Four-wheel Partner’ series!

Johan bought the Landy from a friend when he was living in Arusha, Tanzania. After having a beer in the local pub and asking for the millionth time to sell him the Landy, his friend finally agreed, and Johan took the keys from him there and then. He lovingly named her Mashozi, after the late wife of Kingsley Holgate, even adding an honorary name plaque on the instrument panel at the request of Kingsley himself.

Since taking ownership, Johan has travelled all over Tanzania with his trusty companion. He treasures some amazing trips he has made in his Lightweight, with a highlight being witnessing the famous Serengeti wildebeest migration along with his daughter. He was sad to leave Mashozi behind when he moved back to South Africa, but recently managed to bring his beloved Landy to Limpopo, where he now resides.

This little stalwart was initially dispatched to Iraq by the British military in the late 1970s, from where it found its way to Tanzania, where it was converted to a lefthand drive. Johan will soon be swopping the steering back to the original position and register it here in South Africa.

VEHICLE DETAILS: 1976 Land Rover Series III Lightweight

OWNER DETAILS: Johan Pfahl – director at a private game reserve

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