Wet and Wild!

On most overland adventures, your ride will inevitably get muddy or dusty, which means a good cleaning is often needed at camp. Unfortunately, conventional pressure washers (generally ideal for this task) are bulky and heavy and require a fixed water point and electricity (which is not always readily available out in the bundu). However, for on-the-go washing, the portable Worx Hydroshot portable pressure washer is ideal. It is lightweight, small, and extremely manoeuvrable, so you can even get to those hard-to-reach spots.

What’s in the box?

When you first open the box, you’ll find the main motor/trigger assembly with an extension lance, as well as a 5-in-1 nozzle that attaches to the extension lance. It also comes standard with a battery and a fast charger that will charge the 20V lithium-ion battery from flat to full in an hour. In addition, you also receive a 6m hosepipe, a brush nozzle, a soap bottle, and a tiny pipe that allows you to attach a 2-litre water bottle, and a collapsible bucket.

How does I work?

Once you have assembled your Worx Hydroshot (quite simple to do), you’ll realise you need electricity and water. So it’s the same as a conventional pressure washer, then? Yes, but no. Inside the Hydroshot, is a brushless motor, powered by the 20V lithium-ion battery. Water can be obtained in one of two ways. The hosepipe provided can simply be laid in a water source (like a river, dam or even the collapsible bucket which is included), or you can use the water bottle attachment, which allows you to attach a 2-litre water bottle to your Hydroshot.

Is it functional?

The battery and brushless motor combination gives you water pressure output of 22bar. This might sound a tad underpowered compared to normal pressure washers. Truthfully, it is, and you won’t be able to clean the muck off your brick wall or pavement, but for on-the-go cleaning after a long day in the dunes or mud tracks of Botswana it’s perfect. The nozzle attachment has five settings: 0˚, 15˚, 25˚, 40˚ and mist, with the concentration of the spray at 0˚ being the most concentrated and mist being the least. The brush attachment works well for wheels and hard to reach parts and the soap bottle gets everything nice and soapy. One drawback is that on big cleans, you’ll find yourself having to refill the bucket or water bottle a few times (if you don’t have a water source such as a river or dam). Getting rid of thick, dry mud might be an issue too, but for most quick cleaning jobs the Worx Hydroshot will work perfectly.

*Available for R3 448.85 from Vermont Sales: www.vermontsales.co.za

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