Test all limits in the Nissan Navara
Test all limits in the Nissan Navara

Now That’s a nice rack!

Choosing the right rack for Bob, our Land Cruiser 100, took some serious homework. Anton Willemse Snr, our publisher, explains why we chose Big Country 4×4 for the job.

Most overlanders understand the value of a roof rack on their vehicles. Not only does it provide extra space to pack all your essential goodies, but it also serves as a platform for your rooftop tent. These days there is a multitude of roof racks available in South Africa, so how do you choose? Pricing is always an important consideration, but for most overlanders it’s all about the ruggedness and accessories available. The biggest deciding factor might be to choose between a modular or a fully welded roof rack. I, for one, will always go for a fully welded roof rack, simply because the fewer screws you have, the smaller the chance of something rattling loose.

With Bob, our budget overland build getting closer to the finish line, we popped in at Big Country 4×4, as I have always been a fan of their products. The first roof rack we ever fitted to one of our overlanders was from the Big Country stable. When we sold that vehicle the rack went with it, but we hung on to the table. It’s easily mountable under the rack and is still in pristine condition. Big Country have been manufacturing roof racks and vehicle accessories for more than two decades, and their roof racks are made from purpose-designed aluminium extrusions. The racks are not modular but constructed into a sturdy lattice work, with dove-tailed and welded points, and then powdercoated black. All the extrusions are designed with nut slots that accept a standard M8 hex fastener, which makes it easy to bolt on (and remove) your accessories.

Fitment is achieved via a track mounted to existing threaded holes on the roof and the roof rack is easily removable when not in use. The mounting feet are height adjustable to cater for the fitment of accessories beneath the rack and are fitted to two aluminium tracks that are fastened to the roof. This allows the weight to be distributed across the roof and not just onto the mounting points.

For Bob, the rack is a massive 2.3m long and 1.35m wide and is fitted with three mounts per side. This allows you to be able to fit a multitude of roof rack accessories, even if these are from other rack manufacturers. Big Country’s roof rack is rated up to 250kg, but always make sure that the manufacturer’s carrying capacity, both dynamic and stationary, is not exceeded. Driving on the open road the roof rack has little to no wind noise. When climbing on top it feels sturdy and doesn’t feel bendy underfoot. There are over 30 different vehicle-specific racks available from Big country and if you are a bit of a DIY guy, you should even be able to do this installation yourself. Now all we need to do is to load the rack and head to the bush!

Roof Rack accessories available from Big Country 4×4 include:

  • Double jerry can holders
  • Single jerry can holders
  • Spade and axe brackets
  • Gas bottle holders
  • AwningBottle opener
  • Camping table
  •  Spare wheel holder

*For more information hop onto Big Country 4×4’s website – www.bigcountry.co.za or give them a call on 011 795 9700.

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