Test all limits in the Nissan Navara
Test all limits in the Nissan Navara

This is how a campsite should be

Rikus Truter, from Lekker Kampplekke, recently had the privilege of visiting Noah Farm near Wolseley and his of the opinion that the owners have a winner on their hands. As far as campsites go, this one certainly sets new standards.

Noah Farm is located a mere stone’s throw from Wolseley and is therefore not too far for campers who want to escape from Cape Town for a weekend. However, there are only three stands available, so if you want to visit this very popular campsite, you should make a reservation in advance.

All three stands have their own private ablution facilities and that is precisely one of the reasons why campers give Noah a five-star rating. There was literally no expense or effort spared in getting the facilities in great condition. It is difficult to accurately describe just to how beautifully and practically the ablution facilities are laid out. Fortunately, the photos we took can testify to the quality of the facilities. In this case, a picture really is worth a thousand words!

At the ablution facilities there is also a washing up area and a lower section where you can pack your own table and chairs so that everyone can enjoy a meal together. Alternatively, you can sit and eat at the concrete tabletop while admiring the beautiful view. It’s definitely a win-win situation.

Noah’s five-star rating is due to more than just the excellent ablution facilities though. The view from the stands is simply breathtaking. One can literally see for kilometres across the valley and up to the mountains in the background. In the evening, when the sun sets, campers are were treated to the most beautiful play of colors while sipping our drinks and preparing dinner. The stands are all large and level and covered with soft green grass. There is no electricity, so we suggest that you take your solar panels with you. The ablution facilities do have hot water supplied by a gas geyser though.

A big bonus is that each stand has its own hot tob in which campers can soak away all their worries. You make a fire in the bath’s oven, which then heats up the water. Wood can be ordered in advance from the owners and if you burn through your stash faster than planned, another load is just a phone call away. Ice cream is also available to order.

The campsite is surrounded by a dense pine plantation. We had a lovely walk there and picked up bags full of pinecones, which we used to make fire. It’s the perfect place for mountain bikers to explore and you can really enjoy the beautiful scenery to your heart’s content.

One thing is sure – we will definitely go camping at Noah again and we will definitely take a group of friends along to enjoy the beauty with us! Cudos to Ralf and Ilze Härle, the owners of Noah Farm. They understand the needs of campers and go out of their way to ensure that any camping experience at Noah is an unforgettable one.

In a nutshell


STANDS: 3 (10 people per stand)

SHOP: No (wood and ice available on order)




ACCESSIBIITY: Gravel road (only accessible to vehicles with high ground clearance)

RATES: R1 000 per stand per night (includes first four people)

CONTACT: +27 76 847 7950 | noahfarmcampsite@gmail.com

*Rates and facilities highlighted in this article have been supplied and are subject to change without prior notice. – Ed.

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