Test all limits in the Nissan Navara
Test all limits in the Nissan Navara

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Camping trailers are a dime a dozen these days and it can be very difficult to distinguish between the various models that are available. The products from Outdoor Campers are at the forefront of the market, and with good reason. Anton Willemse Snr got up close and personal with the Metalian range.

Camping trailers have come a long way since the first ones hit the market in the early 1990s. These were basically converted from or based on the old field kitchens used by the South African Army during the border war as many of the manufacturers turned to converting their designs to camping trailers when the conflict ended. They were big and heavy and most of the trailer-top tents were nothing more than standard bow tents pitched on top of platforms that folded open. Since then, the market for camper trailers has exploded and in South Africa there are currently close to 50 variants available.

When Rudu du Plessis, from Outdoor Campers, invited us to come and have a look at the Metalian range – and particularly the Parthian model – we jumped at the opportunity to get a better understanding of this unique design. What makes it unique is that it is a monocoque trailer with no chassis and because of this it’s light… very light. The Parthian, which is the second largest model in the range, weighs in at only 650kg, depending on the final configuration. With a long list of potential extras and add-ons to choose from, this contributes to its uniqueness.

The monocoque body is made from 3CR12 stainless steel, which was created specifically for the manufacture of mining vehicles and equipment used in highly corrosive mines in South Africa. As such it offers excellent corrosion resistance and strength at an unexpected low weight. The monocoque design also gives the trailer a lowered centre of gravity, making it more stable when towing.

Why we liked this trailer was specifically the weight, with its Tare of around 650kg – again depending on your configuration there is still about another ton that I can take on and the GVM is registered at 1 600kg – however I doubt you would ever be able to reach that mark with this trailer – meaning you should never be overloaded. A considering factor for me on some of the other trailers in the market is the lack of bulk packing space – and with my current configuration for my vehicle, I really only need bulk packing space. This is for things like chairs, tents and our gazebo we always take along on trips and the Metalian Parthian really allows me to configure it in such a way that it suits my specific needs. For your sleeping arrangements you can attach as on of the option a load bar to the top of the trailer and from there the world is your oyster as to what Trailer top tent you would like to fit. There is also an option for a 270° awing that is fitted to a very ingenious design to lift it up to the necessary height when open.

The Metalian range has four camper trailer offerings, the smallest being the Genie, followed by the Bowhunter, the Parthian and the largest of the lot, the Maxi. The Genie specifically can be ordered with a braked or unbraked axle. The unbraked version, with its rated 900kg-rated axle, has a tare of only 260kg, while the braked version has a tare of 300kg. So, if you’re looking for a specific setup and you cannot find it out there then Metalian trailers might be the option for you. With a lightweight monocoque design and a plethora of options available, these trailers should most definitely be on your shopping list!

Standard Trailer Options

• Monocoque body made of 3CR12 stainless steel

• Exterior grade epoxy polyester powder coating

• Complete trailer seam sealed

• Protective polyurethane underbody coating

• 1.6-ton braked axle

• 1.5-ton leaf spring with Gabriel shock absorber

• KNOTT overrun brake with surge coupler

• Jockey wheel

• Tare: +/- 650kg (dependent on final specification)

• ATM/GTM: 1 600kg

• 3 x 15” steel rims with 30/8.5 R15 AT tyres

• 2 x rear stabiliser legs

• 5 x side doors, container type locking bars and hinges in

304 stainless steel

• All doors with automotive door rubber seals

• Carpeting in all doors (not nose cone)

• Aluminium stone guards and drawbar plate

• Fire extinguisher

• Mud flaps

Optional Extras

Trailer options

• Spare wheel swing arm bracket and spare wheel

• Trailer roof, aluminium tread plate (base only)

• Trailer roof, aluminium rack with tread plate base and crossbars

• 2.5-ton braked axle

• Special-width axle and/or special stud/pcd configuration

• 17” wheel upgrade, alloy rims, Maxxis M/T 265/70 R17

• Special colour other than bronze, green, black or white

• Nose cone with 2 doors and vented gas bottle compartment

Electrical options

• HcDP MK7 power management system

• 220VAC to 12V 15A with fast and trickle charge indicator

• DC to DC 20A car charger (does not require dual battery switch in car)

• Digital voltage and current monitor

• Dual USB charging point

• Battery under-voltage protection

• Integrated 330W solar charge controller with MPPT

• LED charge source indicator

• Integrated earth leakage unit

• DC and solar charge detector

• 1 x 220V output socket on panel

• 4 x 12V Hella output sockets

• 3 x switchable DC circuits (lights, pump, fridge)

• 230V CEE input socket

• 108Ah LifePO4 battery

• LED lights in all compartments except gas bottle compartment

• 2 x Brad Harrison plugs (charge battery while driving, solar panel input)

• 1 x 220V output sockets in kitchen

• Short-circuit protection on all outputs

• Trailer plug with 13 pins

• Rear LED position lights with reflector

• LED multi-function trailer lights (including trailer triangle, fog light, reverse light)

• Secondary 108 Ah LofePO4 battery (includes bracket and wiring)

• Solar panel: 150W / 200W (fold-up)

• 200W CSW inverter

Storage options

• Slide base for fridge: 1 000mm long, 180kg capacity

• Above-fridge drawer: 100mm deep, 80kg capacity

• 1 x Rear base board: 1 000mm long, 180kg capacity

• Kitchen pantry cupboard with adjustable shelves

• Bedroom side cupboard with adjustable shelves

• Rear drawer: 1 000mm long, 180mm deep, 180kg capacity

• Canvas storage caddies in all doors (not in the nose cone)

Comfort options

• 2-burner gas stove mounted in kitchen drop-down door

• 2 x 65-litre water tanks (mounted in the belly of the trailer)

• Tap in kitchen with extension

• Water pump with filter system

• Foldable wash basin and drying rack

• Plastic wash basin and drying rack

• 1 x 5kg bottle bracket in the nose cone

• 60-litre National Luna dual-zone aluminium fridge/freezer

• Drop-down table slide in rear with stainless steel table

• Crockery set for six people (side plates, dinner plates, bowls, cups, mugs)

• Hot water system (flow-through type)

CONTACT: (012) 655 0410 / +27 82 733 5724 | info@outdoorcampers.co.za | www.outdoorcampers.co.za

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