Winches: 10 things to know

If you travel alone and tend to push the capabilities of your vehicle, the time will come when the usual first-order recovery techniques – like

The smart way to stay in charge

Intelligent DC-DC chargers are the new wave when it comes to designing a dual-battery system that can deal with the so-called ‘smart’ alternators in most modern vehicles. Angus Boswell explores the latest trends.

Smooth operator

Soon after purchasing a 2004 Land Cruiser 100 Series that will form the basis of our Budget Overland Build (BOB), we realised the old girl

Simon says… Tyre Review.

Whenever a newbie overlander asks me what they should do to their vehicle first, I always tell them that tyres and suspension are the most

Get to know your tyres better

Being a newcomer to overlanding can be daunting at times, especially if you are not a petrolhead. There are, however, some basics that everyone should