Land Cruiser suspension flex

I own a Land Cruiser 75 Series on which I’ve done some mods. I’ve lifted the body by 64mm but lowered the suspension by 50mm; the Cruiser now stands a little higher than standard but the suspension is able to flex much more in both directions. Secondly, I’ve fitted 35’’ tyres for a greater tread print area.

My bakkie doesn’t look as hardcore as those with highly raised suspension systems, body-lifts, and upward-bent springs, but my Cruiser performs far better off-road due to its massive wheel travel. What’s more, when I drive through a ditch my Cruiser stays level whereas a number of 4x4s tilt to scary angles.

To further increase suspension travel I’ve fitted Climax expansion scissor shackles to the rear, but for some reason they’re not opening properly

What could be the problem?

ANSWER SUPPLIED BY: Ronald Hairbottle

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ANSWER: When clients want maximum suspension travel from their leaf-strung 4x4s we often use flat leaf springs as opposed to arched ones – flat blades ride and flex much better. We also remove the clamp at the rear of the leaf pack, to allow the spring pack to fan out with no restrictions.

Personally, I don’t like scissor shackles as they tend to unload the rear on a compound angle. I used to have scissor shackles fitted to my own vehicle but then replaced them with just a swivel part which allows the spring to rotate sideways, adding valuable travel without attempting to twist the spring pack.

In your case, I’m guessing you still have the standard-length shocks fitted to the rear, which is probably causing the limitation. If this is the case, get longer shocks and move their mounting points so that they don’t bottom out on the upward stoke.

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