In our business we get to try out various gadgets and every so often we are simply blown away by the functionality and effectiveness of some products. One such product is the Worx JawSaw.

A jack of all trades, this nifty cordless lithiumpowered saw is ideal to take along on your next adventure for those times when you have to clear a road of excessive trees and shrubs. The unique design lets you make cuts directly on the ground, without kickback or damaging the chain. It’s perfect for pruning limbs, clearing debris, and getting that lovely piece of Mopani into more manageable slices for the fire.

The JawSaw is battery operated, which means that you don’t have to deal with annoying cords or lug a fuel tank around. It is the perfect go-to tool for gardeners, handymen, and anyone who performs limb and brush clearing. It is outfitted with a set of solid steel teeth that holds the wood securely and provides extra stability while the chain works. As a result, even a first-time JawSaw user will feel confident while pruning and chopping rigid branches. The enclosed jaw guard around the chain keeps your digits safe during tough cuts, while also doubling up as a cut guide, so you won’t accidentally sever healthy branches you did not mean to cut.

Weighing in at just under 4kg, the JawSaw comes fully assembled and includes the chainsaw chain and bar, an oil bottler, bar and chain oil as well as a spanner wrench as part of the package. Although it operates with the Worx PowerShare battery system – making the battery interchangeable with all of your other Worx cordless power tools – it is not supplied with a battery. These are sold separately (priced from R999, depending on size and power required).

*Available for R2 500 from Vermont Sales and various outdoor outlets:    

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