My ride & I Winner Ashley Botes 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser 79 V6

“My 2022 Land Cruiser 79, called Frikadl, is more than just a vehicle to me. I know many people say this, but for me it has been an adventure partner, a friend and a safe space during some hard times. It represents everything I love – adventure, family time, relaxation, and so much more! I have always loved Toyotas and replaced our first ‘Frikadl’, my previous 2009 Hilux, when it reached 310 000 adventurous kilometres. Since then, we have made some amazing memories with the Cruiser, and the vehicle continues to impress me! We travel whenever time permits and plan to thoroughly explore this beautiful continent

in the next few years. Other girls may love shoes, perfume and other girly things – but give me the bush and my Frikadl, and I’m happy!”

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Rivers, mountains, deserts, valleys, trails… You name it, our readers have conquered them all! Herewith a selection of reader snaps, featuring their trusty sidekicks.

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