Zambian Migrations Expedition

Each year, Zambia plays host to two of the best kept secrets in the natural world. These two wildlife spectacles are only ever witnessed by the avid adventurer due to the remoteness of the areas in which they occur.

Makgadikgadi Pans Baobab Adventure

The Makgadikgadi Pans are one of the harshest environments on Earth and a 4×4 adventurer’s paradise. Come and join us as we explore some of the untouched gems these enormous salt pans have to offer as we venture off –the-beaten-track and head into the heart of the Pans. We will be visiting places that are rarely visited by other travellers so this is a totally unique Pans experience. We will however include a night at the mystical Kubu Island as no trip to the Pans is complete without visiting this magical destination.

Ultimate Namibia Experience

The landscape is Namibia’s defining natural asset. People use all sorts of words to describe it: vast, endless, magnificent, unimaginable, among others. Good words as far as words go, but they don’t really do Namibia’s top attractions justice. There simply is no frame of reference, nothing that comes close to seeing the sunset at Sossusvlei, spending the day playing at Swakopmund or visiting the Himba in Damaraland.

North to South Luangwa Expedition

This tour is designed for the intrepid explorer that loves the thrill of wild, unfenced camping in Africa’s wildest destinations. The Luangwa Valley is one of Africa’s prime wildlife destinations.

Canoeing for children of the sun

What happens when an adventurous bunch of safari guides in Botswana experience a lock-down and hence downtime during an exceptional high Okavango flood? Corlize Viljoen

Birds, Falls, Trees

To say that 2020 was a challenge puts it mildly. Most people want to forget about the year the world came to a halt, resulting